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Montolit collaborates with award-winning young tilers creating innovative manual tile cutters


A few months ago, on our blog, we published an article on the collaboration of Montolit Tiling Tools with different realities which drive active efforts toward training young tilers. From these collaborations, Montolit collects important inputs to carry out the development and innovation of its manual tile cutters, as well as a wide range of professional tiling tools. The skills developed by these students can be measured when they participate in various international competitions, such as the Swiss Championship of Professions – Swiss Skills 2014 – held in Bern in September last year.

At that time we announced the participation of the best classified in the 2014 edition of Swiss Skills, under the category “Tilers”, in a competition of worldwide importance. Just this week we had a visit at our Cantello (Varese – Italy) headquarters of the young tiler Mike Brunner, awarded third place in the “World Skills Wall and Floor Tiling Championships”, that took place last August in São Paulo – Brazil.









This student of the Professional School of Switzerland Layers/Tilers, came to our laboratory with three of his instructors, to learn more about Montolit’s new proposals regarding tile cutters and professional equipment for tilers, which were also recently presented at the prestigious exhibition Cersaie held in Bologna (Italy). In the above picture, we can see him using the LFTLarge Format Tile cutter Flash Line, a complete system for cutting porcelain stoneware, giant tiles and slabs from 0 to over 130 inches.

Montolit-manual-tile-cutter-made-for-worldskills2015-third-place-winner Montolit-snap-cutter-customized-for-third-prize-winner-at-Worldskills2015

During the visit to our lab, we wanted to pay tribute to the excellent work done by this young tiler, handing a “special edition”, unique version, tile cutter, with a commemorative plaque stating:
“Word Skills 2015 – São Paulo – Brasil
With compliments to Mike Brunner
Patents by Montolit – Italy ”

Our warmest wishes to Mike for a successful career, with the constant support of Montolit Tiling Tools and tile cutters.

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New Montolit branded vehicles!


The high quality Montolit diamond blades for cutting porcelain gres tiles give professional tilers the best results. This is the message that Montolit Tiling Tools distributor in Czech Republic wants to convey to all without restriction. Take a look at their custom branded car with the slogan: Porcelain Gres – No Problem!


The photos above have been taken recently, during the 2015 edition of the prestigious trade show Cersaie – International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings.

In addition to products specifically designed to cut hard porcelain tile, Montolit offers a wide range of diamond saws for cutting various materials. Here are the links to the description of the specific products:
Diamond blades for cutting hard porcelain gres and ceramic tiles
Diamond blades for cutting marble and granite
Diamond blades for cutting glass tiles and glass mosaic
Diamond blades for cutting concrete
Diamond blades for cutting asphalt
Youtube channel Montolit Tiling Tools also features interesting demonstrations on how to cut hard porcelain tiles and ceramics, giving interesting tips and tricks for using each type of diamond saw, in order to obtain the best results.

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Montolit enhances its technical partnership with both Interstyle and Ardex Americas as we develop our new series of specialized workshops focused on installing glass mosaic and glass tile

Glass tile and glass mosaic are listed among the best materials for creating elegant and long-lasting glass floors and wall coverings.
Architects and Interior Designers from around the world love the brightness and light effects of glass. To capture the true essence of beautifully crafted glass, proper installation is critical.  The preparation of the surface, the proper cutting of the material and the quality of the glass are all required to achieve the desired result and to ensure no future issues with the installation.

Interstyle Ceramics & Glass (North America’s No. 1 Company for the production of glass tile and glass mosaic) has launched a series of specialized workshops, dedicated to train Tile setters on the most advanced techniques regarding installation of glass coverings. Ardex Americas, through its US and Canada branches, is partnering with Interstyle to show the importance of quality adhesives and thin set mortar during the workshop.


Montolit is also partnering in these training events; using these opportunities to show how high quality cutting and boring tools can reduce the time required to prepare the glass tiles for installation and to make the process of installing glass simpler while increasing the quality of the final installed product.


The training session started at Interstyle’s manufacturing headquarters in Burnaby (British Columbia – Canada).  This phase of the training process was to increase everyone’s knowledge on the characteristics of the glass.  The process of manufacturing the glass including the sizing and glazing of the tiles was discussed.  Understanding the structure of the glass will help in understanding how to best bring out the features during the installation.

The second phase of the workshop has been held at the Ardex Academy in Delta (British Columbia – Canada).
Ardex and Montolit performed demonstrations in which tilers were called to experience the cutting, drilling, boring and laying of Interstyle’s latest generation glass tiles.

For professional tile layers, the major benefits from the in depth knowledge of glass tile and their most advanced installation techniques are the following:

  • Aesthetic output aligned with the requirements of the end customer
    • Waste and scrap reduction from cutting and laying phases, with consequent economic and environmental advantages
    • Elimination and prevention of post-installation problems
  • Speed up of installation
  • Reduction of installation cost per sq. ft.
  • Reduction of lawsuits due to poor installation

These workshops are part of a long series that Interstyle, with the support of Ardex Americas and Montolit, are organizing throughout North America.

The next workshops, coming soon, also include the participation of a new partner – a leading company in the treatment of glass surfaces.

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How to choose the right tile cutter to rent or buy according to the tiles or mosaic you are installing


Whether you are a contractor or a home owner, chosing the right tiling tools to rent for the job you’re doing always brings up some questions.
The increasingly wide range of materials available in the market don’t help you in this task. The major big box stores carry in their tool rental department a diversity of ceramics products for flooring and wall covering. Nowadays we can really find anything, from hard porcelain and large format tiles to mixed mosaic composed of small tiles of marble, metal, glass and other technical materials. Cutting these new materials properly is not simple. Very often, before reaching the desired result, many tiles are damaged in trying, which means spending extra money to replace them and/or laying the partially damaged tiles in less visible areas of the floor or wall.

In this article we will talk about:
how to choose the appropriate tile cutter depending on the type of material you’re dealing with (size is vital: you don’t want neither a cutter that is too small nor one that is oversized)
which accessories you should rent as soon as you start the job
what to pay attention to when you rent a manual or electric tile cutter from a tool and equipment rental business
how to properly use the rented or purchased tile cutter on the main products found in big box stores (videos, tricks for cutting specific materials, etc.)

We believe that these tips will help you save your time and money on equipment and tiles, speed up your installation process and have a good final result.
Let’s start with the type of tile cutter to rent or buy.

A) If you are dealing with ceramic tiles for wall covering or small porcelain gres tiles (30x30cm with 7mm thickness approximately), glass mosaic or porcelain mosaic with 2x2cm tiles and over, you simply need a strong tile cutter such as the good quality affordable manual snap tile cutters Minimontolit or Minipiuma


B) If you need to cut large porcelain tiles (say, from 40x40cm and over with thicknesses from 7mm up to 12mm) or glass mosaic/stoneware, it is advisable to rent a professional multifunctional tile cutter, powerful enough for you to easily cut these technical materials. If we talk about Montolit, the suggested product is the manual professional tile cutter Masterpiuma.


Photo – Professional -Snap-tile-cutter

Accessories you should get along with the cutter:

For all types of tile cutters mentioned above, it’s suggested to buy an accessory that makes it easy and fast to cut almost all types of mosaic without using water. This accessory is the RUBBER MOSAIC PAD ART. 58


What you should pay attention to when buying or renting a tile cutter:
Once you have chosen the tool that suits you, and before you buy it or rent it out, make sure that the cutting wheel is in good conditions and makes proper incisions. To check this, feel the incision “blade” by turning it very slowly and make sure it doesn’t have discontinuities or small lumps or damages along the perimeter.


We’re using the term “blade” here, but rest assured that testing a tile cutter incision wheel by feeling it doesn’t represent a risk of getting cut. Consider that the scoring wheel of a manual tile cutter is designed to make incisions, not to cut. Technically speaking, if the blade was too sharp, it wouldn’t offer good performances and would soon get damaged (becoming unusable) after only a few incisions. Unfortunately, many low-cost-low-quality manual tile cutters have sharp blades that become unusable shortly after you start cutting tiles with them.

If you’re dealing with large format tiles (LFT) or you are cutting strip tiles for skirting boards, consider renting or buying the Baseboard reference system. It gives bracket precision for this type of tile cuts and is suitable for use on all types of cutters. Click here for a video demonstration of the Baseboard accessory for manual tile cutter.

Make sure that the structure of the cutter is solid, that it doesn’t have loose nuts and that the bar on which the wheel carrier flows is straight.
If possible, request a tile cutter test on the materials you are going to install, to make sure it works properly. If you can/want to go even further, do this test yourself.
The pictures below depict some of the most recent ceramics materials that some DIY big box stores are currently selling.
Next to the photo of each material you will find specific notes and tips regarding ceramics materials, videos on the appropriate cutting technique and articles that might help you during installation.





WARNING! For cutting mosaic with marble, granite and metal, you will need an electrical cutter with water and specific diamond blade

WARNING! In this case, it is highly recommended to use a water cooled electrical tile cutter

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Montolit North America – Wide Distribution Network in USA and Canada


Brevetti Montolit Spa has a growing network of Agents, Importers, Master Distributors and Retailers, that represent and stock Montolit tile cutters and tiling tools in Canada and the United States of America. Please find below information related to our contacts, for both end users, and distributors interested in representing our Made in Italy brand.


looking for a distributor or dealer of Montolit products in your area, please write us using the following email:

Contact Person: Daniele Castiglioni
Email: sales@montolit.com
Detailing your request as much as possible will help us give you the quicker and most accurate answer.

looking to represent Montolit products in a specific area of North America, please write or call us directly at the following contact information:

Contact Person: Matteo Casartelli
Email: sales@montolit.com
Phone: +39 0332 419206

We’ll get in touch with you within a few hours from your original contact.
Thank you for your interest in our products!

Image of Tile Cutter Montolit Masterpiuma P3 with graphic design








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Workbench for tilers Montolit X-Works


Workbench for tilers, Newly Designed, made with tubular frame in galvanized steel, resistant to corrosion.
Reinforced load platform suitable to transport packs of tiles, glue, etc., positioned below the work shelf, to use all models of tile cutters without space constraints.

Montolit X-Works workbench for tilers has the following characteristics:

  • Adjustable height allows double level working position for use with manual tile cutter as well as to perform drilling/cutting operations;
  • Weatherproof wooden table top;
  • New anti-scratch rubber wheels;
  • Maximum load: 50 kg / 110 lbs.


Montolit X-Works workbench for tilers foldedFolded workbench being used to transport tiles

Montolit workbench for tilers unfolded with adjustable height






Workbench for tiling activities used to cut porcelain tiles with a diamond bladeX-Works Montolit workbench being used as support to drill porcelain tileWorkbench being used with Montolit Tile Cutter Masterpiuma







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Wet saw F1 Brooklyn


The new line of wet saws Brooklyn F1 by Montolit presents an advantageous correlation between the powerful engine (2,2 Kw) and the small diameter diamond blade (250mm / 9.84 inches), which guarantees high-ranking performances.

The evolution of tiles (increasingly large, thin and fragile) led to a full reinterpretation of the original Brooklyn project. Montolit’s designers and engineers team have therefore conveyed their efforts into creating a new line of wet tile saws which may give tilers the possibility to achieve the highest precision, with a light and reliable tool. This a wet saw completely conceived for ceramic tiles and porcelain slabs.

Complete sheet with technical information on Montolit F1 Brooklyn Tile Saw










All the products in this line have common characteristics, such as a powerful engine, direct transmission and a light but resistant corrosion proof aluminum frame. All the metal parts of this wet saw are zinc-plated beforehand and then painted.

In order to highlight the best match for professional tilers, all Montolit F1 Brooklyn wet saws include a DNA (SCX250) Diamond blade, which is one of the best diamond saws to accurately cut ceramics and gres porcelain tiles and slabs.

Another revolutionary detail is the electric tile cutter supporting system: in addition to being foldable, the tile saw’s legs have two extendible ends, which allow the tiler to install the machine on any ground and it becomes very useful in case the surface isn’t completely flat. This also avoids damage to the wet tile saw, and as a consequence helps reaching the best tile cuts in any context (especially when thinking of special operations like miter cuts).

Every wet saw in this line comes with the Montolit classic patented protractor square, which allows to keep the correct measure for different angles.

Within this wet saw line, the following models may be found: F1-101, F1-131, F1-151 and F1-181, all of them in two versions: 230V and 115V.

Fully assembled Montolit F1 Brooklyn wet saw

Montolit Brooklyn F1 – 101

Electric tile cutter with extendable legs Montolit F1 Brooklyn

Montolit Brooklyn F1 – 131










Wet Saw for cutting porcelain slabs Montolit F1 Brooklyn 151

Montolit Brooklyn F1 – 151

The largest wet tile saw Montolit F1 Brooklyn

Montolit Brooklyn F1 – 181














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Super Profile – Profiling System, Tile Beveling Machine


SUPER PROFILE is Montolit’s new tile beveling machine. This profiling system for ceramics and porcelain tiles & slabs, as well as any stoneware, allows easy processing of edges, making miter cuts, bevel, chamfering, rounded profiles, half bullnose, easily and safely. This is the right tool to create tile skirting boards.

Miter cuts can easily be achieved by putting the beveling machine’s slide plate (made of scratch-resistant plastic material) on the tile or slab surface, starting the engine and sliding the machine along the edge; when the diamond wheel finishes removing the required material according to the work you want to perform, the operation will be concluded with extreme accuracy.

With this tile beveling system there’s no limit to tile size or thickness, in fact it is the machine itself that flows along the edge of the material to be shaped, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a small tile or a large format slab. SUPER PROFILE does “its duty” perfectly and with little mess, thanks to the integrated vacuum carried on the crankcase.

The small size and reduced weight of this tile profiling system make it easy to handle and carry. It has been designed as a plug & play, ready for use, beveling machine.

A range of special diamond tools, designed for dry use, are available to accomplish the best miter profile (average and fine diamond grain), as well as bevel (5mm and 3mm) and spokes (3, 5 and 10mm), interchangeable in a few seconds without any need for adjustment.


Montolit Tile Beveling machine for tiles and slabsSuper Profile - Profiling system for porcelain tiles and stonewareTile and slab chamfering machine by Montolit







Summary of characteristics: Ready for use, simple, fast, precise, easy to handle.

Materials: Porcelain stoneware, ceramics, marble, granite.


SUPER PROFILE technical data

Technical data for Montolit Super Profile Profiling system






Demo video on the function of the SUPER PROFILE electric tile beveling machine

Tile beveling machine demo video on Youtube










There is a wide range of diamond tools that can be used with the SUPER PROFILE tile edge shaping machine. The following is a technical sheet with information of these tools and the results they allow you to achieve:

List and details od diamond tools to be used with Montolit Super Profile tile beveling system
























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Montolit 16-S Tile and Slab Lifter – Ergonomics Comes First


The latest trends in the tile market have led to the creation and success of increasingly large and thick porcelain slabs. These products however, due to their original characteristics, make their handling and installation difficult, risky and tiring for tile layers.

Montolit’s research and development department has long been focusing its attention on ergonomic details related to the actual laying of both concrete and porcelain tiles and slabs. The latest innovation Montolit has created in this field is dedicated to the handling and installation of tiles as well as particularly heavy and thick porcelain slabs, with dimensions up to 60 cm (24 inches).

The new Montolit 16-S slab lifter is a tile gripping tool that allows tilers to retrieve the tile directly from the box, by using the simple but effective “biting” system, which guarantees:
– a strong and secure grip on the porcelain slab;
safely positioning it to the floor, allowing minimal leakages of 3 mm;
– considerable reduction in time with the best results; and
– the minimum effort for the user.

Montolit 16-S is a very practical and fast tile lifting system, made of galvanized steel for the best resistance and durability. This slab lifter adapts to different sizes of porcelain slabs and tiles, continuously proving ergonomic advantages that reduce consequences on the physical integrity of the user and allow them to work in the safest and more appropriate way.

System to lift and grab thick heavy slabsView of the tile gripping system grabing and lifting a large format porcelain tileShowing image of extended Montolit thick and large tile lifter










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Masterpiuma Cover for Protection of Manual Tile Cutters


From today onwards, “carrying around” your tile cutter will be more comfortable, safe, and (why not) fashionable, thanks to the new Masterpiuma cover for manual tile cutters, designed by Brevetti Montolit for those tile setters who are conscientious about their tiling tools, careful and pay attention to detail.

The new cover is a real shell for the protection of manual tile cutters Masterpiuma. It is made with strong fibers, reinforced seams and foam padding placed to protect the most important parts of the tile cutter.
Easily able to be fitted, it is made in a single size and easily fits all Masterpiuma sizes, from the smallest 44 cm up to 155 cm maxi.

The Masterpiuma Cover, accessory for the protection of manual tile cutters, is available at all Montolit retailers.


Detail of the masterpiuma coverTransport your manual tile cutter reducing impact consequences








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Plastic corner protector for porcelain tile


“CORNER” is a set of Plastic Corner protectors for large format tiles, gres porcelain, ceramic tile.

New Montolit Plastic Corner Protector for Porcelain Tile and slabs, different thickness and size.

Testing the resistance of the new Montolit Tile Corner Protector






This item suits tiles / slabs with thickness 3-6/8/10/12 mm.

This particular patented system is able to absorb shocks that could damage or chip the material.

It is made of a plastic material that can be reused over and over again.


Corner protector on porcelain tile with different thickness plastic angle protection on thick ceramic tile Montolit corner protector on thin porcelain tile


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Diamond blade wet cut for cutting gres porcelain, marble, granite


Main Feature: double layer sandwich diamond blade wet cut – the main cutting edge has medium diamond grit for a fast cutting action, whilst the side parts of the crown have fine diamond grit in order to achieve a high quality cut finishing.

Use: Wet diamond blade

Materials: Gres porcelain, ceramic tile, granite, marble and glass
Applications: tile laying in contexts that require an excellent finishing

Cutting speed: medium
Finish: excellent
Duration: high

Equipment: sawing bench, electric tile cutter with water

Restoring the diamond blade is easy with dressing stone art. 395B

Grès Porcelain stoneware Montolit CX diamond blade












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Best-selling tools that can save a tiler’s day when finishing cuts enlarging & shaping holes


Brevetti Montolit Spa is an Italian 70-year old high-end Tiling Tools Manufacturer.  Our products are currently sold across 120 countries.

Thanks also to several best-selling tools that can save a tiler’s day when finishing cuts, enlarging & shaping holes, or any other details on ceramic tile and stoneware, Montolit is now expanding in the UK and Ireland.

Check out two of our latest innovative products that are a must-have for every tile setter:

Montolit FPU20 video thumbnail

FPU20 core-bits dry use shape and enlarge holes

Montolit STL video thumbnail

STL diamond cup wheel for cutting and grinding







Now available in your area!
Sign up
and we will contact you shortly with information on the closest Montolit distributor:



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70 Years of Innovation in Tiling Tools

Advanced course on specific innovative tile setting techniques for ceramics materials in the UK and Ireland


Innovative tile setting techniques course by Montolit in EdinburghAdvanced insight on Montolit tools in Edinburgh UK










The photos depict a group of British tilers following the first advanced course on the latest innovative tile setting techniques, held by Montolit in Edinburgh (UK). A one-of-a-kind course created to answer the need that today’s tilers have to be updated with the latest products and procedures in the tiling sector.

Every month ceramic manufacturers launch on the UK and Irish markets dozens of new types of tile, porcelain stoneware, glass mosaic. These materials often require innovative tile setting techniques and cutting-edge tools for professional tilers, which are not yet widespread and well known on the local market.

In addition, the manufacturer and the end user are increasingly becoming more demanding regarding the final result of tilers’ work, especially when laying high-quality tile and mosaic.

Companies like Florim Ceramics, Iris Ceramics, Laminam and many others are pushing the market for large format tiles, with sizes of 1 meter by 3 meters and more. These ceramics are not promoted via classic retail channels but by architects and designers instead, who specify the product directly to the customer during the design process.

It is extremely complicated and risky to install these new generation porcelain tiles with classic installation techniques and standard tools.

The first advanced course on innovative installation techniques and tiling tools was held in Edinburgh (UK), in collaboration with a renowned school for tilers.

This is the first in a long series of professional seminars which Montolit is going to deliver in the United Kingdom and Ireland from the end of 2016 onwards.

Upcoming seminars are planned in Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford and Dublin.

For further information on the innovative tile setting techniques and tiling tools in the UK and Ireland, visit Montolit’s blog and subscribe to the Youtube channel.



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Work bench for large format tiles Art. 300-15


Tiling professionals are increasingly requested to work with large format tiles and porcelain slabs. These products are indeed becoming more and more popular and though their sizes can vary, we’re still talking of 1 meter by 3 meters slabs or even more.

For this reason, Montolit has created Art. 300-15, the work bench for large format tiles with an aluminum and steel structure. Its particularity is in the fact of being modular, thus responding to the different requirements given by the size of the material which professional tilers find themselves dealing with.

Details of Montolit work bench for large format tiles

Disassembled Montolit work bench for easy transportationAssmebled work bench for pro tile setters working with large format tilesAmong the features of this work bench there are robustness, stability, practicality, easiness to carry and, of course, modularity.

The size of each work bench is 180cm by 90cm, with a height of 83cm. The weight is 31kg.

Montolit has created this work bench for large tiles based on the daily contact with both tile setters and porcelain slabs manufacturers.

The following video shows the use of a profiling system for different types of porcelain tiles, as well as stone and large format slabs. In the case of this specific demonstration, given the large size of the porcelain slab, the work bench used was actually Art. 300-15.

Demo video Montolit work bench for large format tiles










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1946-2016: Montolit celebrates 70 years of innovation in Tiling Tools


Brevetti Montolit SpA celebrates 70 years of innovation in Tiling Tools and for this occasion has assembled pictures, videos and short texts that illustrate the company’s evolution, ever since it was created in Northern Italy by Vincenzo Montoli, in 1946.

Vincenzo Montoli – The founder of Brevetti Montolit Spa (1946-1953)

Photo pf Voincenzo Montolit who created Montolit Tiling Tools in 1946

Vincenzo Montoli, 1970’s

Vincenzo Montoli was born in 1892 in a small town close to Varese (Northern Italy). Since a very young age, he started developing his passion and skills within the mechanical sector, combining hands-on experience with strong creativity.

In the 1940’s, after dedicating several years to the study of products and solutions for both industrial and home applications, and following his own intuition, Vincenzo Montoli specializes in the cutting tools sector: shears and scissors for different purposes. September 1946 is when the company “Montoli Vincenzo & Sons” is created, the same one we now know as “Brevetti Montolit SpA”.



On the first montolit headquarters façade we read Montolit Scissors Factory

First Montolit headquarters

Inside the first Montolit factory located in Folla (Varese - Italy). 1946

Inside the first Montolit factory

1951. Montolit’s success starts in the field of cutting tools, covering various uses, including medical scissors used in hospitals for plaster cast removal

Recognition to Montolit








Vincenzo Montoli bases his activities on research and development. He soon understands the importance of intellectual property in industrial applications. For this reason, his first inventions are immediately patented, and this term (“brevetti” is the Italian word for patented), still appears today in the name of the company “Brevetti Montolit”.

The name “Montolit” was already used in the 1950’s as a trademark for the products, and since 1978 it has been included in the company’s corporate name. The idea of contracting in a single term the company’s founder surname with the first 2 letters of Italy reflects the company’s policy of international expansion for their tools.

1960's Montolit terrazzo marble floor tile cutters

First line of floor cutters

The company’s success starts in the 1950’s, in the field of cutting tools, covering various uses, from sheet metal shears to the medical scissors used in hospitals for plaster cast removal.

Vicenzo Montoli works with his two sons, who follow him in the study of innovative products and manufacture of tools for different applications, devoting their time, energy and passion, daily, to the family project.

Over the 1950’s, however, Brevetti Montolit shifts its core activity from the development of scissors and shears for different uses to the design of tools for cutting construction materials such as tile, marble and roof shingles.

The most important machine during this period is a versatile and accurate “tile cutting and piercing tool”. The activity grows, and an increasing demand for larger machines leads to the widening of the company’s manufacturing spaces. Building a new factory was the natural consequence and the chosen location was Cantello, where Brevetti Montolit still has its headquarters today.

The Montolit factory and its innovating tools follow the construction sector boom (1953-1977)

1950's Montolit new plant tile cutter manufacturing department

1950’s Montolit tile cutter manufacturing department

View of the tile drilling tools manufacturing division in the 1950-1960's.

1950-1960’s tile drilling tools manufacturing division








Montolit’s development carries on within the construction sector. There is a boom in the building industry in this period, and the equipment designed by Montolit, which takes into account both the characteristics of existing materials and the requirements of professional tilers, find a rapidly expanding market. The company evolves and grows to the nationwide dimension.

Montolit’s continuous manufacturing expansion leads to the construction of the new plant in Cantello (Varese, Italy), which thanks to several enlargements over the following decades, it is still the main company headquarters today.

Montolit’s activity soon starts expanding abroad as well. The company becomes a recognized provider of specific machines for cutting tiles and stone materials.Montolit at trade fairs in Italy 1960-1970

Montolit at international trade fairs 1970Montolit at trade fairs 1980-90The development of its international presence follows two main activities at the same time: on the one hand, the participation in trade fairs with the goal of increasing brand awareness and generating new contacts, on the other hand, building a network of Montolit agents and representatives.

Montolit tools are robust and easy to use. This meets the needs of end users who are mainly bricklayers and tilers.

The design and manufacture of Montolit tiling tools demonstrates unique skills, which are in time recognized with public awards, such as:

1968 – Vincenzo Montoli is appointed as “Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic”
1971 –  Prize to Vincenzo Montoli as “Meritorious Inventor”, awarded by the Italian Inventors Association
1974 – Brevetti Montolit receives the European award “Golden Mercury”

Picture of Vincenzo Montoli's son receiving an european award in 1974 in Rome

European Golden Mercury Award, Cerimony held in Rome, in 1974

The actual statue awarded to Vincenzo Montoli's son Ezio, in 1974

Actual Golden Mercury Award, currently at Montolit’s headquarters











At the beginning of the 1970’s, the first members of the third generation of the family start joining the company. Since a very young age, Vincenzo Montoli’s grandchildren, Paola, Vincenzo (Vichi), Barbara and Stefano, get familiar with the factory, where they spend most of their time after school. This is how they start sharing the family’s passion, and understanding the mechanisms behind the company.

In the seventies, Paola is the first of Montoli’s grandchildren to start working within the company, after her graduation, and she works in the administration until the birth of her first daughter.

As a student, Vincenzo (Vichi) spends the holiday months working in the production departments and soon begins attending trade fairs in Italy and abroad. At the age of eighteen, in 1977, he personally follows the establishment of the foreign affiliate Montolit France. His studies, concluded with a degree in economics and trade, were combined with his attention to the family’s activities. In the second half of the seventies the original founder is less and less present in Montolit, which nevertheless continues to thrive under the guidance of his children and the growing contribution of his grandchildren.

Brevetti Montolit: New materials and professional tools (1978-2016)

In November 1978, the brothers Ezio and Egidio, who already owned the  Montol Mechanic Factory create (with equal shares) Brevetti Montolit Spa, the company we still know today. Around the mid-eighties the generational change at the top formally occurs: since 1986, two years after the death of its founder, his 27-year old grandson Vincenzo (Vichi) Montoli takes over the position of CEO. His brother in law, Giuseppe Rovera (administration manager), had recently joined the team and later also Barbara and Stefano (engineer) start working within the company. The company’s growth and prosperity keeps being strongly tied to the familiar leadership that had always been its characteristic.

Montolit catalogue in French 1960

Montolit Catalogue 1960

Montolit catalogue for Diamond tools 1984

Montolit catalogue 1984

Montolit tiling tools catalogue 2014

Montolit catalogue 2014









The success of this transition is facilitated by several factors: one is certainly the apprenticeship, the path that the young Montoli family members carry on within the company’s production, another is the stability of staff who is able to act as a connection with new arrivals and make the transmission of skills. An example is Montolit’s current quality manager, he came into Montolit when he was only a little more than a child, he has been in the company for over 50 years and he is the father of another young employee.

Montolit mechanical division 1990

Montolit mechanical division – 1990

Montolit quality control 2000

Montolit quality control – 2000








The company’s workforce has reached a peak between the seventies and eighties with 100 employees. Today, the internal workforce is of approximately 70 jobs, but the activity scope has expanded with sales agents, for a total of 120 people. The Montoli family has also set up specific companies that deal with different stages of production or treatment of different materials, such as Italmont and Cantecno, and acquired a majority stake in a foundry located in the same territory, which already was Montolit’s supplier. Lately, however, a reorganization plan has been implemented to simplify the group structure, making it more modern and ready to face the new global challenges.

In the last thirty years the company has had to adapt to the many changes which have affected its reference market. From the technical point of view materials research has led the construction industry to the use larger and harder products. Tools for cutting and drilling needed to evolve accordingly and in recent years  close collaboration has begun between producers of materials and tiling and laying tools for manufacturers, in order to increase synergies and adopt compatible solutions.

Manual tile cutter Masterpiuma Evoluzione 3 detail

Manual tile cutter Masterpiuma P3 detail

Montolit manual tile cutter Slalom for curve cuts

Manual machine to make curve cuts on tile








Since the 1990’s, Montolit has enjoyed considerable success with lines of diamond tools (core bits, diamond blades for wet saws) designed specifically to deal with modern materials, which still account for over half of the turnover. From a commercial point of view, the company has had to manage increase of competition in a global market and, in recent years, due to the crisis in the construction sector there has been a significant drop in turnover in Italy. The presence of an extended sales network in almost 100 countries worldwide allows the Brevetti Montolit to balance the national decrease with higher exports.

Participation in trade fairs, key factor for the international expansion, has been revised and now includes only major international events in Italy and abroad (eg. Cersaie, Coverings, MCE). It was instead strengthened direct communication to installers and industry professionals, end-users of Montolit’s products, to whom is dedicated to a special information section on the company website in several languages, the “Tiler’s blog “. As for installers’ training and update, the company has been cooperating with the most important professional training schools. In Italy there is somehow a lack of specific structures in this field, as opposed to what happens in Switzerland or in Northern Europe. Another important way to keep in contact with prospective industry professionals is by collaborating with the key schools for this sector, which Montolit has been doing for several years.

Vincenzo (Vichi) Montoli holding the first tile cutter ever made by Montolit

Montolit’s first tile cutter

Vincenzo (Vichi) Montoli using a manual large format tile cutter

Vincenzo (Vichi) Montoli using a manual large format tile cutter


Recently, as recognition of the work made in the territory, Vincenzo Montoli, founder of the company, was declared an honorary citizen of Cantello, the city where Montolit’s main facilities have been located for 70 years, and the access road to the company’s headquarters has been named after him. The ceremony, which saw the participation of the entire Montoli family and Montolit’s workers, culminated with the laying of a memorial plaque at the City’s council chamber.

Montolit tile cutters museum at Cantello headquarters

Montolit tile cutters museum at Cantello headquarters

Vincenzo Montoli square inauguration ceremony 2014

Vincenzo Montoli square inauguration ceremony – 2014










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Montolit training meetings with professional tilers across Europe


Demos and training sessions promoted by Montolit for professional tilers continue in various European countries.

Training for professional tilers by Montolit tiling tools in OsloDemonstration Montolit tools for large format tiles OsloThe images refer to the event recently held in Oslo (Norway), in collaboration with the local partner Spesialverktoy as well as with Florim and Mapei, that were directly involved in this specific initiative.
The main topic, following increasing demand, was handling and installation of large format tiles, up to 240cmx120cm and 300cmx160cm.

The use of Montolit Tiling Tools was vital to demonstrate how professional tile setters can easily and safely handle and lay large porcelain slabs. The advantages are the saving of time, since it is possible to work with less staff, savings in terms of material used because safe handling of large format tiles contributes to less damage.

These demonstrations were carried out by a German professional tiler who has been setting slabs for more than 10 years and specializes exclusively in projects that include large format tile laying in several countries of northern Europe. Actively involving professional tilers in this type of demonstrations contributes to majorly sharing experience and “tricks of the trade” between them.

During the meeting, using Montolit tools, professionals explained in a practical way how to use a wide range of products related to the large format porcelain tiles and their different functionality. Montolit presented their proposal called “PROGETTO300″, a full range of tiling tools specifically designed for handling and laying large format tiles, with great emphasis on:
Multifunctional STL125GF diamond blade, for cutting and grinding porcelain tiles and slabs
SUPERPROFILE, ceramics and porcelain tiles and slabs profiling system that can perform miter cuts and different types of edge processing, and it’s perfect for creating baseboards and skirting, no limits on dimension
Flash-line 300-FL for fast and precise tile cutting up to 340 cm

In addition, the following tools were also used:
Corner 300-95-06, useful corner protectors for large size slabs that avoid shock and damage
300-15 workbench, specifically designed for processing large slabs and preparation for laying
Superstick 300-70, a system composed of adjustable frames and super powerful suction cups for handling the slabs
300-VA kit, containing the most important diamond tools for these materials
FS drills for dry drilling holes and tile hole shappers and enlargers FPU10-FPU20
Polishing and finishing PDRKIT, diamond pads for sanding and polishing dry or wet porcelain tiles and natural stone.

The professional tilers who participated in the event had the chance to try the products in person and understood and appreciated their functionality as well as their correct usage contexts.



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New Must-Have Montolit STL Multifunction Diamond Cup Wheel


Brevetti Montolit Spa is the Italian leading Tiling Tools Manufacturer, with 70 years of history, selling across 120 countries.

The New STL Diamond Cup Wheel is one of our best-selling tools that can save a tiler’s day when finishing work on Porcelain Tile, Ceramics, Marble, Granite, Concrete, etc.

This Multi function tool is ideal for tile edging,  beveling, rounding, grinding, flattening, small cuts, side indentations & more! (However it does not replace a standard diamond blade)

STL has a diameter of 5” (125mm), and fits any 5” (125mm) or 4” (100mm) angle grinder.

Check out the demo video for this must-have tiling tool:

STL diamond cup wheel by Montolit demo video









Now available in your area

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We will contact you shortly with information on the closest Montolit distributor:



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Visit Montolit at CERSAIE 2016


Another edition of the prestigious CERSAIE is coming soon, in Bologna (Italy), from September 26 to 30.

Visit Montolit during this exhibition: learn more and try our new products launched in 2016.

Montolit can be found in External Area 44 – Booth 11.

Request your FREE TICKET HERE!


Montolit participates at CERSAIE 2016









Among the latest Montolit news at CERSAIE:

CGX Diamond Blade: A diamond blade that represents the evolution of the best-selling Art. CG. 20 years after Montolit manufactured its first diamond blade, this is the company’s new flagship: a super-professional patented diamond blade for dry cut of Grès Porcelain with an angle grinder. A unique item that best represents the Montolit’s philosophy, which with its 70-year history is constantly committed to developing cutting edge, innovative products.

MOTO-Flashline: This is the motor-powered evolution of Flash Line manual cutting system. With this system you can cut porcelain tile and slabs up to 20mm (approximately ¾ inch) thick. The machine itself has all the advantages of manual flash line (easy to transport, light, precision, patented locking system without the use of suction cups), with the addition of a motorized head with a professional diamond blade for ceramic and porcelain tile. Summarizing, this is a system for dry cutting porcelain slabs with 12mm (approximately ½ inch) to 20mm (approximately ¾ inch) thickness.

LIFTILE: We’re talking about a semi-automatic lifting system that allows to handle and lay very heavy porcelain, natural stone, ceramic slabs and more. Although being a professional system, it is easy to handle and affordable if compared with hydro-pneumatic systems used to work with large format tile and slabs.



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